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Japandi Fabrics

Scion’s sophisticated side shines through with Japandi, an ‘imperfectly beautiful’ collection of four prints, three embroideries and one weave over 27 colourways. Modern Scandi influences blend with bold and beautiful Japanese aesthetics to create a hybrid trend which carefully incorporates playful patterns with hand crafted geometrics.

Japandi’s colour palette includes the multicoloured Cranberry & Rose, Ink & Slate and Berry & Ochre alongside muted tones such as Stone, Midnight and Liquorice, injected with bright notes of Turmeric, Emerald and Forest.

Japandi includes a selection of fabrics that are suitable for curtains and accessories. Some designs can be used for upholstery.

Don’t forget to take a look at the complementary Japandi Wallpaper Collection.


Japandi Fabrics